Carlos Gonzalez

306502_10150981449204114_1431283157_nCarlos began his training in 1997 under the tutelage of Sifu Andre Butler. Butler’s Hung Ga lineage was Wong Fei Hung to Li Yi Chi toYee Wu Kung to Si Gung Jensen Yee who taught Butler. Sifu Butler’s core class curriculum was Hung Ga but he also taught Monkey Boxing among a few other styles. Carlos particularly gravitated towards Hung Ga for its strength, versatility and explosiveness. In 2002 Sifu Butler moved to Colorado and Carlos began searching for another Hung Ga teacher to continue his training in Hung Ga. In 2003 Carlos found Sifu Maurice Morrison and began learning the Tang Fung lineage of Hung. The differences in the lineage actually served as an invaluable lesson to Carlos. He learned that most systems will differ from teacher to teacher and school to school but it is up to the practitioner to interpret and embody the techniques that are present within them. Sifu Morrison’s legacy is one of meticulously breaking down the system and building it back up. In 2008 Carlos moved to Phoenix, AZ for a year and reached out to Si Gung’s training brother Sifu Peter Pena for guidance. Sifu Pena is also actively involved in passing on the art of Hung Ga and stays true to its fundamentals. Carlos’s time spent with Sifu Pena was yet another lesson in how there are many ways to play a style. Currently, Carlos continues to learn from Sifu Maurice and the Fong’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Associations. He resides in Miami, FL and is teaching classes under Sifu Morrison.